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What Are Scheduled Shredding Services and Why Should Your Business Use Them?

If you own a business, keeping information secure is essential. Shielding your clients’ data and company records from public view or theft is critical to protecting your reputation and bottom line. But how do you ensure personal files and other confidential documents stay out of the wrong hands? One practical solution that is easy to implement in any office is scheduled shredding services. This risk-aversion method keeps paperwork – including paper invitations, accounts receivable slips, and old tax returns – safe while helping reduce workplace clutter. Let’s explore in more depth what scheduled shredding services are and how they can benefit businesses, large or small.

What Are Scheduled Shredding Services?

Scheduled shredding services are regular visits from a professional document-shredding provider. These scheduled visits help businesses protect their confidential information and maintain compliance with federal, state, and local laws. Scheduled shredding services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each business and involve scheduled pickups of documents that require secure disposal. Once collected, documents are destroyed using specialized equipment designed to shred paper into tiny pieces that can never be reassembled or used fraudulently. These services can benefit any size business that often has to dispose of confidential paper documents and records.

Why Should Your Business Use Scheduled Shredding Services?

Scheduled shredding services offer several benefits that can make them invaluable assets for businesses. These include:


Scheduled shredding services help keep businesses in compliance with federal, state, and local laws regarding the secure disposal of confidential materials. These laws exist to protect both consumers and businesses from identity theft and other fraudulent activities.


Scheduled shredding services provide businesses with peace of mind knowing a reliable third-party service securely destroys the documents they have scheduled for destruction. This helps ensure confidential customer records, employee information, or financial data will stay in the right hands. Additionally, scheduled shredding services also help reduce the risk of insider fraud or theft within an organization, as the shredding is done by a third-party service and not performed in-house.

Cost Effectiveness

Scheduled shredding services can help businesses save money on document disposal as the cost of scheduled pickups is often more economical than purchasing an in-house paper shredder and paying for ongoing maintenance and staffing. Scheduled shredding services also help business owners free up valuable office space by quickly removing large amounts of documents that may have been taking up valuable storage space in an office or warehouse.


Using scheduled shredding services takes the burden off staff members, who would typically need to spend time manually destroying paper records. This allows them to focus their efforts on more productive tasks while providing the peace of mind that their documents are being safely and securely destroyed. Plus, it will reduce the clutter in the office, making it a more pleasant and productive workspace.

How To Choose A Scheduled Shredding Provider

When choosing a scheduled shredding provider, businesses should ensure they are selecting a reliable and reputable service. You want the company to provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, which is a written record of the destruction process to provide legal proof in case of an audit. Another thing to keep an eye out for is if they offer on-site shredding services so you can witness the destruction process if needed. Businesses should also ensure that the scheduled shredding provider follows all privacy laws when disposing of confidential documents.


In conclusion, scheduled shredding services provide businesses with an easy-to-implement solution for securely disposing of confidential documents while also helping them save money, protect their data, maintain compliance with laws and regulations, and free up valuable office space. With scheduled shredding services, businesses can trust that all of their confidential information is being kept safe and secure without having to worry about any potential risks or liabilities they might face due to improper disposal.


If you are looking for a reliable scheduled shredding service in the Bakersfield area, Advanced Data Storage is here to help. We specialize in shredding services for businesses of all sizes and offer state-of-the-art security and compliance measures to protect your confidential information. Contact us today to learn more about our scheduled shredding services.