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Shredding Events In Our Community

As a locally owned company, we like to give back and help our communities. We strive to raise awareness and promote privacy protection, reminding the community about the importance of securely destroying their personal documents. We host low-cost shred events and sponsored events in Bakersfield and the Kern County Area. We also team up with private companies and communities to host their own shred event.

Upcoming Shred Events

Preventing Medicare Fraud - Monday, October 3rd, 2022


Lake Isabella Senior Center


8:30am to Noon


2 boxes free – $2.00 each additional box

Why Shred At Our Events

Save time and money by having your personal documents destroy by ADS

You are at risk of identity theft or fraud by throwing your documents in the trash

Our team is HIPAA and NAID certified, they have the knowledge of disposing your document properly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch it being shredded?

Absolutely, Our mobile shredding units are even equipped with a camera system that allows our customers to watch their items pass through the shredder, and a second camera focused on allowing a visual of the destroyed material.

Do you take binders?

We do not take binders. Please separate any paper that is in there.

Do I have to remove staples and paper clips?

You do not have to remove them, it will pass through the shredder with no problem.

Do I get my cardboard box back?

You can get your cardboard box back just let our team know; if not, we will dispose of it for you.

What happens to the paper once it is shredded?

We take it to a certified processing plant to be properly disposed.

Do I need an appointment?

No appointment needed, just show up on the day the event is posted.

What can I bring?

Personal documents, paper related materials.

What is the process time?

We will shred it right there and then.

What is the max amount I can bring to shred and will I be charged extra?

There is no max amount. Yes, you will be charged extra.

What payment options do you accept?

Cash or Checks.

Is the shred event free?

We will charge you a low-cost fee to shred your papers.

Do I need a mask or vaccine card?

Mask are optional, no vaccine card required.

Shred Event Sponsors

Customer Testimonials


-Danzel Dalere
We have been using ADS document destruction for over decades. We appreciated the service provided and the friendly staff.

-Joy Singh
The staff is friendly and conscientious, always ready to help with anything you need. Yesenia Orozco the Office Supervisor here in Bakersfield, has always gone over and beyond our needs. I wish more people were as hard working and delightful to work with.

-Tonya Gott
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