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Hard Drive Destruction

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Hard Drive Destruction Services

The data businesses store on hard drives is not as secure as many think. The best way to keep hackers and security breaches at bay is to hire a company well-versed in proper hard drive destruction services. ADS ensures that confidential and highly-sensitive company data is eradicated right away – including emails, invoices, and other internal documents.

Many companies think that when they erase information from a hard drive that they are free from theft. However, even erased data can still be stolen by someone who understands computational information retrieval. Without utilizing the proper hard drive destruction tactics, many businesses suffer from major security breaches every year.

The only way to ensure your sensitive data cannot be re-opened and stolen once your hard drive is no longer in use is to utilize secure hard drive destruction practices. ADS provides secure and confidential hard drive destruction services. You can count on our highly-trained staff to properly destroy your hard drive before its discarded.

NAID Certified

ADS Records Management is 100% NAID Certified for mobile shredding, document destruction, as we abide by the stringent security measures and practices codified by the National Association for Information Destruction.