Document Destruction

With an increasingly competitive business environment, and the ease of information getting into the wrong hands, it is important for your company to protect its valuable information. Gone are the days of throwing paper into a wastebasket or recycle bin and hauling it to the landfill. Every piece of paper created in an office has important information that is vital to your company’s success. ADS offers multiple solutions to keep your company safe and provide the peace of mind of knowing that none of your important documents can get into the wrong hands. Document destruction services have played an essential role in our company’s success. Our customers trust us to manage their live vital records, as well as trusting that they will be destroyed properly at the appropriate time.

On-Site Destruction
ADS utilizes the most advanced mobile shredding units available. Our powerful AXO mobile shredders are the fastest and most effective paper shredders ever made, guaranteed to destroy your information permanently. Our mobile shredding units are even equipped with a camera system that allows our customers to watch their items pass through the shredder, and a second camera focused to allow a visual of the destroyed material. No preparation required, our mobile shredding system can handle paper clips, clip boards, cardboard, staples and even destroy hard drives and other forms of media.

Plant Based Shredding
For over 20 years, ADS has been shredding customer’s vital information at our main facility. If the customer does not want to wait for their information to be shredded on-site, we can quickly pick it up and take it back to our secure, monitored facility, utilizing the same operating procedures we follow when handling live records. Want to bring your documents to us? Walk-ins are always welcome to bring their information to our facility and watch it be shredded.

Scheduled Service
Routine on-site shredding service can be set on your schedule, depending on your company’s volume. Collection containers are conveniently placed in your desired location and secured under lock and key. On the service date our courier will shred the contents in our mobile shredding unit, a process the customer is welcome to watch. Collection containers come in various sizes from 95 gallon totes, to office friendly executive consoles. A certificate of destruction is provided for the customer after each visit, guaranteeing their information was properly destroyed and disposed of.

Environmental Impact
By choosing to shred with ADS, you are partnering with us to help the environment. All of the shredded paper is recycled and turned into a variety of paper products. We shred over one million pounds of paper each year, saving thousands of trees.