Climate Control

When it comes to disaster recovery, you can never be too prepared. Keeping your backup tapes on site is not only un-secure, but it puts your critical information at the same disaster risks as your on-site database. Keeping your backup information at ADS will reduce risk and help your organization be compliant. In the unfortunate event of data loss, ADS can have your backup information to your door within 2 hours guaranteed. Our climate controlled vault it designed specifically to store media. It has a separate alarm keypad, closed circuit camera surveillance, steel entry door, climate controlled, humidity controlled, and protected by a Halon fire suppression system.

Tape Rotation Service
Like most companies, you are probably backing up your data onto a portable disk on a scheduled basis. However, if you are keeping that disk on site, you run the same risk of losing that information in the event of a fire, flood or sabotage. The best way for your company to be compliant, and avoid the risk of the tapes being compromised or getting into the hands of the wrong person is to store it at ADS. We offer scheduled services to fit your company’s backup tape retrieval needs. We also offer emergency services to get your backup information at any time, day or night in 2 hours.

What we manage in our climate controlled room
We can keep anything that needs to be climate controlled, have extra fire protection, or simply needs to be in an increased security environment. In addition to electronic media, we manage top secret oil records, historical documents, core samples, aerial photos, micro fiche, fetal monitors, and even obsolete equipment used to view certain media.